How to debug with

Finding bugs is not enough, fixing bugs is everything. helps developers fix bugs fast. Bugs magically reproduce themselves on the right device in front of a developer’s eyes. A virtual USB-cable connects a remote device to your developer workstation so you can debug your app in real time.

1. Set up your Nativetap mobile and desktop apps

If you have not set up Nativetap yet, follow our quick 3 step guide: Setting up your Nativetap and you’ll be ready in minutes.

Please note that you need Java 1.8 or higher to run debugging on Get it here.

2. Log in to the Nativetap desktop app, and you’ll be asked to choose a device on our mobile application.


3. Log in to our mobile application on your tablet or smartphone

Choose any available device to take full control and start your session.


4. You will see that your session started. The Nativetap desktop application will show your chosen device and a nifty timer.

Screenshot 2015-09-28 17.43.59

Feel free to minimise the app not to obstruct the view.

5. Accept RSA fingerprint to allow communication between device and your computer.

In the Nativetap mobile app, our real device will ask for an acceptance to communicate with your computer. Touch OK to allow.


6. Time to go to your IDE

From this point, your work gets easier and easier. Open your IDE, your projects, and at some point – start testing or debugging. Your chosen device will be available in the same way as a USB-connected one, and you can choose it from the usual list of devices.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 19.33.04

7. Take a break. 

Now, just test and debug like you always did, but without the hassle and clutter of devices on your desk. Debug on remote devices as if they were all at your fingertips.

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