The more the merrier – invite teammates to Nativetap

It’s never fun to test alone – that’s why once you have your account set up it might be a great moment to invite friends or teammates to cooperate on projects. To share content, you all have to be members of the same Organisation inside Nativetap.

The following steps need to be performed by the person managing the organisation in Nativetap. Start by logging in to your Dashboard, and Manage the organisation. Select the Project Members tab and you’ll see the following:


Choose Add new project member and enter in their email address to invite them to join the Organisation:


If they do have a Nativetap account, they will be automatically added to your team as a Project Member. If they don’t – we will send them an invitation link which they have to confirm.


If you need to remove a project member, you can do so by clicking on the red trash can over the member. 

Now you can enjoy sharing .apk files and recorded session macros, and be covered by a single payment plan for the entire organisation.


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