Remotely test and debug your Android apps on a Samsung S8 with Nativetap

Testing is an area of extreme importance for any developer, but with all of the different Android devices out there it is nearly impossible to test applications on more than a few. Sure, you might have a few old devices plus your current, personal device – but what about the newest and greatest devices that keep getting released? And what about devices from a few years ago?

Take for instance the latest and greatest devices from Samsung – the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. As an App Developer or QA Tester, chances are you don’t have one of these yet to test on, though you can bet that at least one of your users does. You can be certain that if there are any issues with your application on an S8/S8+ they will find them and it will degrade the experience for your users.

To that end Nativetap has added the Samsung S8 and S8+ to its bevy of devices available for you to test your application(s) with. The below video gives you an example of how smoothly the process works as we test out Pixel Dungeon on the S8.

As you can see, the flow to startup a device and begin a testing session is super easy. To test the application we just need to choose it from the TouchWiz app list and see the S8 start up as if it was sitting in your hand – except you didn’t have to pay the exorbitant price for the physical device. Don’t forget that all devices behave as if they were USB-connected to your computer so not only can you test, but also debug your app in real time!

To begin your own testing session, you can login to your Dashboard to select your project. If you haven’t already signed up for a free account, you can do so here. Happy Testing and Bug Squashing!

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