Getting Started with Nativetap

With great application development, comes great testing responsibility (is it just me or does that sound like an attempt to mimic a line from a superhero film? Asking for a friend.). The challenge is testing on as many devices as possible, and with the breadth of the Android device universe that is no small task. Nativetap makes that task much easier than ever before.

To get started with a Nativetap account follow these next few steps:

Sign Up

  1. Register for a FREE account first using your email or with your Google or Github accounts:
  2. You will receive a confirmation email for verification.
  3. The signup wizard will then ask you to describe, or name, your team:
  4. Now we ask a few questions to allow us to better serve you:
  5. Once you have answered those questions, you will be presented with your Dashboard:


The Dashboard is where you’ll be able to keep track of your projects, as well as your Organization, like adding new members.


You can also manage your organization preferences, like Plan, Invoice, etc., by selecting Manage:


Once you select your Project, you’ll see an overview screen:


This screen gives you the details on the testing activity currently being done on your project. From here we can review the current and historical sessions, screenshots, our project app builds, as well as viewing (and modifying as needed) the members of our project.

You’re now set to begin using Nativetap to test your application on our extensive assortment of devices. Sign up now to begin your FREE TRIAL!

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