Test Android Apps Without Device Fragmentation Getting in the Way

It’s no secret that Android is the largest Mobile OS in the world, with more than 2 billion active monthly users as of May 2017 (running Google Play that is). It’s also no secret that Android is the most fragmented Mobile OS platform, with over 24,000 different device models running the little, green robot. That makes it a challenge these days to test, and debug, your applications before deploying. And then there’s the matter of the diversity of platform versions still in circulation.

Android Platform Versions, July 2017

If you are only developing for one device model, then you’ll not run into the fragmentation issue. But if your application is geared towards a general audience, the challenges you face as a developer grow exponentially. With each manufacturer implementing their own UI on Android – and then making changes to the core Android functions like notifications, memory management, and more – your users can bring all sorts of debug nightmares to your attention. It is imperative that you be able to test and debug on a variety of Android devices in order to address their concerns. But what if you don’t have their device? How are you going to respond?

This is where Nativetap comes in. You can upload your application on one of our remote devices, test it using touch on your device with our Google Play app, and debug it in real time. Once done, you have a recorded session ready for playback with the logcat and device performance synchronized to the session video.

nativetap session view

For a fraction of the cost you are able to test your application across a broad spectrum of Android devices and, in many cases, duplicate the issue your users are having. You can then see what is actually happening, and provide a resolution or explanation to your users. As simple as that. No more telling them you can’t duplicate because you don’t have the device, or that it’s a known issue with the OEM’s changes to Android. And who knows – maybe you’ll be able to offer a fix or new feature to your application which resolves it for the user and in turn shows your user community that you are providing quality, consistently-updated applications and that you listen to feedback! All because you used Nativetap to tackle Android device fragmentation. You’re welcome.

If you’re not already using Nativetap, please sign up for a FREE trial!

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