Securely Test Your Android Apps on Nativetap

When testing your applications it is important to remove all barriers to a clean testing environment. Often when users are using your application, there are many factors in place which could contribute to a poor experience – and usually not within your control. Factors such as bloatware (mobile carriers in the US love bloatware), other applications they have installed, and even connected accounts.

One of the core features of Nativetap is that whenever you begin a remote testing session on a device, you’re starting with a fresh, clean device. You won’t login and see leftover Google accounts, installed apps, or pre-existing data. Instead you’ll see a device ready for testing YOUR application, not countless others.

After you’re done all the testing you need to, and close down your connection, Nativetap will start cleaning the device and preparing it for the next session. In many cases this will happen in the background and will be completely seamless.

You won’t find any data from previous sessions, or stray apps which previous developers tested on the device – you’ll have a clean device for testing your, and only your, application(s). That’s Nativetap’s promise. To sign up for a FREE account, visit our Sign Up page and get ready to squash bugs!

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