How to Debug Your Android Apps With Nativetap

Debugging software can be a tedious, and sometimes daunting, job, even for the best. In order to accurately fix any given problem, a developer has to reproduce it in a controlled environment, understand the cause, make changes to the code, and then ensure that the problem is gone. Debugging is especially hard when dealing with mobile platforms due to the sheer number of devices and differences between them. Bug reproduction is hard because very often bugs are device-specific and developers usually don’t have a quick way to get into the scope of the problem with the limited number of devices they have on hand.

Enter Nativetap.

Debug Bridge

All devices from our Device Fleet are connected to your computer via a virtual USB cable, as long as you are logged in to our Desktop App before starting a session on a guest device in our Mobile App.

You can use all of Android Studio’s features with our devices and work as you normally do with a real device. This includes profiling, unit testing frameworks and basically any tooling that works via Android Debug Bridge. It just works out of the box.

Debugging Step-by-step

In the simplest scenario, once you have recognized the problem and need to access a specific device for a quick debug session:

  1. Open and log in to the Nativetap desktop app
  2. Open and log in to the Nativetap mobile app
  3. Start your IDE and open your project. Optionally, place breakpoints where needed.
  4. Start a session on our device, by choosing it on the Nativetap mobile app.
  5. Deploy an app from your IDE to our device.
  6. Use the Nativetap mobile app to control the guest device, debug and fix your app!

After the session, a video is available in your Dashboard which shows a replay of your session synced up with the logcat and performance monitoring of the device. You’ll be able to track down what’s happening with your application in record time, and get to bug squashing.

To get a first hand feel for how Nativetap can help you solve your testing and debugging challenges in Android app development, sign up for a FREE trial!

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