Nativetap is sponsoring droidcon Berlin 2017

At Nativetap, we have a fondness for two things: fast, interactive and uncluttered Android app development; and….a little bit of magic. This fondness led us to build a device farm which magically puts any device in your hand in less than 10 seconds. We are now going on the road to share this magic with you!

Droidcon Berlin, September 3-5, 2017, is the flagship event for Droidcon in Europe and brings in over 1000 developers each year to connect and learn the latest and greatest things around Android. We are a first-time sponsor for the event, and in our first trip to Droidcon we’re excited to share our passion for Android and remote app testing.

Our CEO, Nina Wieczorek, will be presenting a talk called “Don’t let the dream of automating your mobile app testing turn into your biggest nightmare” and our CTO, Marcin Gasperowicz, will be giving you demos of how you can test and debug your app with

If you haven’t already signed up to attend, make sure you do so while tickets are still available! And let us know you’ll be attending and please stop by to say “Hello!”

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